The $EGG DAO πŸ›
The eventual governing body of the chikn ecosystem.
Whether you're a chikn-maxi or an $egg-whale, you'll want to make sure you're part of the $egg DAO. The $egg DAO will collectively make decisions regarding the future of the chikn ecosystem by way of voting. Holders of $egg in sufficient quantities will be permitted to assist in the governance of the $egg DAO Treasury. The $egg DAO Treasury will hold a basket of assets that will incentivise the holding of $egg. The assets can be liquidated and utilised for the prosperity of the ecosystem at the discretion of the collective members of the $egg DAO, through means of voting. Exact voting rights will be determined by the amount of $egg held by each member. We intend for the DAO to be fully operational and largely autonomous by the start of 2023. Note: $feed - our finite and deflationary utility token - will be the first and primary asset to be held in the $egg DAO Treasury. The total amount held in the Treasury after 12 months of operations will be approximately: 800million $feed A multitude of AVAX NFTs
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