Foraging Time

Each chikn and Roostr have individual Foraging times that determine how quickly theyโ€™ll come back from a forage. As Item production can be quite competitive among players, those that can complete more forages in less time will have an advantage when it comes to Crafting.

There are several factors that impact the time taken to forage:

  • Bird weight

  • Wormcount

  • Items

Foraging has a default time of between 23 and 24 hours. When a bird initiates a forage, the total foraging time is randomly assigned within a one-hour window. Foraging times have a hard floor of 4 hoursโ€”little chikn legs cannot run faster than this speed (for now).

In rebellion against intuition and physics, bigger chikn and Roostr forage faster than smaller birds. Maybe theyโ€™ve got bigger claws to scratch around with, we havenโ€™t quite figured out the lore on that one.

Foraging time reduces by 1 minute per KG ,so keep those birds bulking.

Increasing the Wormcount in a Wor Farm also provides a universal reduction in Foraging time on the associated FarmLand. Players can hover over individual blocks in their WormFarm to see the reduction that they would receive at that Wormount.

If your Wormcount reduces (e.g. $WORM are consumed in Crafting), the foraging speed boost will also decrease. Make sure you keep those Worm Farms stocked with $WORM to keep your foraging times down.

Certain Consumable and Equipable Items will provide speed boosts to Foraging. For more information, see Items.

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