Finding $WORM

Just like $FEED, $WORM are earned as rewards in LP Farms. Staking LP tokens in the relevant pools on your FarmLand will earn you $WORM tokens, with the rate determined by the amount of LP staked and the FarmLandโ€™s multiplier. Note that the multiplier for $WORM applies over a 120-day timeframe to ensure $WORM emissions are kept in check. This may be adjusted by the dev team over time.

FarmLand have a dedicated silo for $WORM that, once filled, stops accumulating additional tokens. Players can empty their silo at any stage or increase the Bigness of their FarmLand to also increase silo capacity. Note that once FarmLand reaches 120 Bigness, silo capacity becomes unlimited.

For more information, see the section on Farming.

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