🐤chikn NFT

The Landmark NFT of the Chikn Ecosystem—And the Only NFT That Will Ever Lay $EGG

chikn are the first and most powerful NFT in the Chikn ecosystem. Not only are they desirable collectibles, but they all also lay $EGG—the primary token in Chikn. All chikn lay $EGG forever, making them the hardest working birds on the blockchain.

chikn put us on the map as pioneers of upgradable NFTs. As you increase the size of your chikn or make changes to their names and bios through Chikn Name Service (CNS), the NFT’s metadata is permanantly upgraded as well. This makes chikn and their underlying smart contracts the ultimate gaming NFT on the market.

Since launching in November 2021, chikn have remained the most significant NFT collection on Avalanche. Chikn regularly see more transactions than all other top-10 NFTs combined and, on average, account for more than 30% of all NFT transactions on Avalanche. Not cluckin’ bad.

Chikn owners are proud of their birds, and rightly so. Whether you’re an OG rooster or new to the Chiknverse, an incredible community have formed around these zany birds. Sure, chikn are the only NFTs that will ever lay $EGG, but they’re also NFTs that give you so much more.

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