chikn NFT 🐓

Upgradable metadata, p2e & PVP game-ready.

The Landmark NFT of the Chikn Ecosystem -

And the only NFT that will ever lay $EGG.
10,000 chikn have flown the coop in search of owners! These are no ordinary chikn. Some are dapper, some are degen, others are made of the rarest materials known to chikn-kind - but one thing's for sure - ALL chikn lay $egg.
Not only are chikn highly desirable, collectible NFTs, they also lay $egg. In short, when you ‘roost’ them at, they lay. Forever. The rate at which they lay $egg depends on their size, measured in kg - Kilograms/KillerGains. Over time, chikn owners can increase their chikn size with $feed. This not only increases the laying-rate of your chikn, but their desirability too, as it permanently upgrades their on-chain metadata.
To put it simply - chikn NFTs are the only way to bring new $egg - the fuel for the chikn ecosystem - into circulation. Read more about the ecosystem expansion on the roadmap page.
Mint Price: 1 AVAX per chikn (sold out)
How to buy: visit our Marketplace for secondary sales. 1. Connect your Metamask. 2. Connect to Avalanche c-chain. 3. Bridge or transfer some AVAX to this Metamask. 4. Purchase a chikn from our secondary Marketplace. chikn contract: 0x8927985B358692815E18F2138964679DcA5d3b79