For Projects & Game Developers

Give your NFTs the fanfare they deserve.


Gamified Mints
Whitelists are old-school. Gamified mints get your users playing from the start—and our users too!


The Grass is Greener on the Bokchain
Give your project new life by plugging straight into the most active community on Avalanche.


Farming Rewards
Give holders more with NFT farming rewards—the best way to drive long-term interest in your project.


Eggspansion Packs
Got something great for the Chiknverse? Work with us to bring it in and make it canon.


From Static to Dynamic
Your NFTs are more than just PFPs. Transform them and see your project reach its full potential.

Buy & Sell

Custom Marketplaces to Meet your Needs
Instead of requiring your community to leave the ecosystem to trade NFTs, keep everything in-house with your own native marketplace, powered by Chikn.