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Everyone knows that chikn lay $EGG, and Roostr squirt $FERT. The need to rhyme is stronger than we are.
Roostr produce the all-important $FERT—a token that can be used to improve FarmLand reward yields among other things. For more information on what $FERT can be used for, see the section on $FERT.
To produce $FERT, Roostr need to eat $EGG. These protein-rich ovals pass through the Roostr’s digestive system, helping them grow bigger and coming out the other end as $FERT.
The $FERT Cycle - animation by linsanity
Roostr bring added complexity to the Chikn game and give players the opportunity to optimize their Farming strategies. With the rollout of Foraging introducing new ways to spend $FERT, Roostr themselves have become even more important in the broader meta.