$EGG Burning

Token burning is a central feature of the Chikn ecosystem and is factored into every product that we launch. We believe that players will reduce circulating supply with fun mechanics and interesting tokenomics. This is baked into the gameplay of Chikn, avoiding the need for dubious practices like token buy-backs that do not accurately represent the utility of the token.

As the core ecosystem token, $EGG currently has the greatest number of burn outlets. While it is possible to play Chikn without $EGG, it wouldnโ€™t be very funโ€”you need $EGG to unlock the most benefit from Chikn, and every time you spend $EGG in the game and in the ecosystem, itโ€™s permanently removed from circulation.

The following list includes some of the in-game uses for $EGG, although as the ecosystem expands this list will grow in due course.

  • Grow Roostr KG and produce $FERT Roostr need to eat at least 1 $EGG per day to produce $FERT. The more $EGG you feed them, the more $FERT they produce on a daily basis.

  • Add liquidity for LP Farming LP Farming is a key feature in the Chikn game and is the only way to harvest auxiliary tokens like $FEED and $WORM. While farms for FERT/AVAX and FEED/AVAX are currently available, EGG/AVAX LP Farms will always have higher and more diverse rewards.

  • Upgrade FarmLand Bigness Upgrading FarmLand Bigness requires players to burn $EGG in increasing amounts. Increasing Bigness unlocks new tiles and increases the size of the player's rewards silos (larger silos mean more rewards can be accumulated before they need to be emptied).

  • Dig in your WormFarm Players need to burn $EGG in order to dig in their WormFarm. Digging increases the capacity of your WormFarm and allows players to find new blueprints for Crafting.

  • Initiate a forage Each time a player wishes to initiate Foraging with a chikn, they must burn a fixed amount of $EGG.

  • Increase resource silo Foragable resources are held in a Silo with a capped size that can be increased by burning $EGG.

  • Crafting $EGG is required as a component of crafting recipes.

  • Use the Chikn Name Service (CNS) and Roost Name Service (RNS) Players can add flare to their Roost and chooks with the CNS and RNS. These services allow you to give your chikn, Rooster, and Roost personalized names and bios. Itโ€™s cosmetic, but itโ€™s awesome.

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