The goal of the game of Chikn is to upgrade and collect NFTs, collecting tokens as points to rise the ranks in the leaderboard. Gaming starts with a fundamental concept: chikn lay $EGG. $EGG can be staked to earn $FEED, which can then be fed to chikn to make them bigger and lay more $EGG.

What makes Chikn dynamic are supply restrictions on $FEED and modifications provided by other components in the ecosystem. This adds a competitive element It’s possible to play Chikn with only a chikn, but to get the most out of your roost you need to explore the way other tokens interact with each other.

Roostr, for example, can be fed $EGG which allows them to produce $FERT. You can use $FERT on your FarmLand to increase your LP farming multiplier, allowing you to earn more secondary tokens (like $FEED or $WORM).

An update in October 2022 introduced Foraging to Chikn’s idle gameplay. Foraging allows players to send their chikn and Roostr out to forage for Resources on their FarmLand. The kinds of Resources your poultry pecks up is determined by the tiles on your FarmLand.

Resources can be crafted into Item NFTs which you equip to your Farmland to boost foraging productivity. Crafting these items requires the corresponding Blueprint NFT which can be found in your WormFarm. These items will continue to play a role in both idle and active games in the Chikn ecosystem.

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