Chikn is more than just avian-themed NFTs. Our ecosystem includes tools and partnered projects that expand what you can do in Chikn and on the blockchain more broadly.

Our Eggnite launchpad is one of the most exciting updates to hit the ecosystem. Eggnite is the perfect place for partners to launch NFTs with the backing of the largest NFT community on Avalanche. Eggnite isnโ€™t an open doorโ€”we take care to ensure that every project that launches is vetted for quality and adds value to the ecosystem.

As community and decentralization are fundamental to Chikn, our ecosystem will eventually include a DAO that puts community participation first. This DAO will govern the Chikn treasury and vote on key ecosystem functions.

Chikn provides a range of public APIs that allow developers and gamers to query the Chikn protocol. Our community are passionate about their chooks, which is why many have developed third-party tools to enhance the Chikn gaming experience. Check out the Toolboks section for a list of some of these, and be sure to join the Discord where our community share their creations with the world.

Chikn is here for the long haul and weโ€™ve got a lot planned for the ecosystem, but remember, we do love surprises. Weโ€™ve got a lot of exciting features coming up that we havenโ€™t explicitly announced, so make sure youโ€™re following our announcements for all the latest updates.

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