There are currently 10 Resources that your birds can forage for with varying probabilities of success.

There is no guarantee that your chikn or Roostr will successfully forage on a tile, although the chance of success is calculated independently for each. While the base percentage chance for all tiles is fixed, there are several ways players can improve the probability of success.

  • Most tiles provide a boost of between 0.5% and 2.5% to their associated Resource. Rarer tiles provide higher bonusesโ€”see the FarmLand Tiles page on for a list of all tiles and their impact on Foraging.

  • Players can fertilize individual tiles by burning $FERT, providing an increase of up to 10%. Fertilizer boosts last 28 days before requiring refertilization.

  • Individual chikn and Roostr traits increase the chance of finding particular linked Resources. The rarer the trait, the higher the boost. Players can select their individual birds to see which Resources they receive boosts to and by how much. Resource display can also be toggled on in the Marketplace.

  • Players can use Items to improve their chance of success. There are several ways Items can impact foraging, from making a resource available on a blank tile to changing tile and bird bonus percentages. See the section on Items for more information.

Players looking for a specific Resource they donโ€™t currently have access to can browse available FarmLand in the Marketplace with the Resource view toggled on. Alternatively, they can filter results by specific tiles to look for FarmLand with the tiles they desire.

FarmLand will unlock new tiles until they reach a maximum 5x5 grid. Players with FarmLand with room to grow can continue increasing its Bigness to unlock new tiles, although as FarmLand tiles are randomly assigned it is impossible to determine ahead of time which tile will unlock.

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