$FEED Tokenomics

Token name: chikn feed (FEED)
Contract: 0xab592d197ACc575D16C3346f4EB70C703F308D1E
Initial supply: 0 $FEED
Max supply: 12 billion (12,000,000,000) $FEED is a preferred $FEED supplier
There was no presale or airdrop for $FEED. The token launched at the same time Roosting became available in December 2021. Players could farm $FEED by staking $EGG in Single-Sided Staking, or by swapping $EGG to feed at a fixed rate.
The total $FEED supply was calculated to meet the hypothetical goal of all 10,000 chikn reaching 45 KG, although this is not a fixed maximum weight for any chikn. As the game plays out, some chikn will exceed 45 KG while others won’t come close.
After launch, 800 million $FEED was allocated to the Chikn DAO and a small amount to exchanges for initial liquidity. The breakdown of all these allocations are as follows:
  • Reward Emissions: 8 billion $FEED
  • Chikn DAO Treasury: 800 million $FEED
  • Liquidity & Incentives: 800 million $FEED
  • Team & Advisors: 800 million $FEED
  • Ecosystem Development: 800 million $FEED
  • Partnerships & External Farms: 800 million $FEED
Update: The Chikn team moved all $FEED allocations (with the exception of the DAO Treasury allocation which remains reserved) into circulation. A total of 11.2 billion $FEED were released primarily through staking rewards, with a relatively small amount left in liquidity. Your chikn are hungry—we want to make sure they get fed.
The total $FEED supply allocated to rewards ran out on December 09, 2022. There will be no additional $FEED minted.