Everyone knows that chikn lay $EGG. $EGG is the primary gaming token in the Chikn game and is fundamental in the wider ecosystem. All chikn lay $EGG that can be used throughout the game, in most cases requiring the tokens to be burned.

Gamers need $EGG to play the Chikn game, but also to engage with partner projects. We work to ensure that $EGG has ever-expanding use cases and burn pressure across the broader ecosystem. This includes being used for NFT and game launches hosted by Chiknโ€™s launchpad Eggnite and, where possible, direct use inside the NFT collections and games themselves.

But $EGG isnโ€™t the only thing to keep an eye on when farming. Updates to the Chikn ecosystem introduced $FEED, $FERT, and $WORM, each adding additional layers and intricacy to the game.

Every token in the Chikn ecosystem is designed to balance emissions against burn pressure to ensure stability and longevity of gameplay.

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