Single-Sided Staking (SSS)

Single-Sided Staking (SSS) allows players to farm rewards without providing liquidity to an exchange. Rather than staking LP tokens, players can instead stake a single asset to earn rewards. SSS is a simpler alternative to LP Farming for players that are unfamiliar with liquidity provision.

SSS is not always available, and reward rates will generally be lower than on LP Farms. The first SSS option in the Chikn ecosystem allowed players to stake $EGG to generate $FEED rewards. To encourage players to use the LP Farms in the FarmLand release, the reward multiplier was reduced to 2x over time.

$EGG tokens in LP are bundled up with soft, cushiony $AVAX. Unfortunately, $EGG staked in SSS have no such padding and are therefore a little more fragile. Players unstaking $EGG from SSS can expect an 8.3% breakage penaltyโ€”weโ€™ve all fumbled the bag before, after all.

Unstaking $EGG from SSS automatically claims all unclaimed rewards.

The SSS portal can be accessed through the player's Roost.

SSS is currently closed for new depositsโ€”players are encouraged to explore LP Farms instead. SSS may reopen again after $FEED rewards are fully distributed.

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