There are two types of Items: Consumables and Equipables. Think of them like potions and equipment in your favorite RPG—Consumables have a fixed number of uses before they run out, while Equipables will give longer-lasting perks before eventually breaking. Check the sub-section on Wear for more information on breakage.

In the interface, you might see Consumables and Equipables referred to as ‘Sips’ and ‘Equips’.

  • Consumables are equipped to your NFTs based on their upgraded stats. Bigger FarmLand, chikn and Roostr can hold more Consumables, although you’ll need to burn some $EGG to unlock additional Item slots. Consumables only exist off-chain in your inventory and cannot be traded between players. The first slot is unlocked with 12 $EGG at any bird weight. The second slot costs 600 $EGG and requires a 60 KgG NFT, while the third slot costs 1200 $EGG and requires a 120 KG bird. This is the same for both chikn and Roostr.

  • Equipables are attached to blank trait slots on your NFTs and can exist both off- and on-chain. To use an Equipable Item, it’ll need to be in your off-chain inventory. Equip them to your FarmLand, chikn or Roostr to gain some sweet boosts, or Decompose them to get additional resources. In-game, you’ll be able to tell if an Item is off-chain by its icon—off-chain Items are represented visually with square icons.

On-chain Equipable Items are held in your wallet. You can’t use them in Foraging, however you can hustle them on the open market. On-chain Items are represented visually as rectangular cards.

Items are an important part of the Chikn gaming ecosystem and impact gameplay in various ways. As the ecosystem grows and changes in the future, new Items will arrive that have an exciting impact on player strategies. To learn about what each item can do, check your Crafting interface in-game for Consumables or explore the full range of Blueprints on the Marketplace.

Over time, some items will become unavailable while new ones are introduced. This allows the Chikn devs to moderate gameplay and ensure the ecosystem stays on track and in the right direction.

In Foraging, for example, there are currently 6 ways to influence the outcome of a forage with Items.

  • Change the Resource from a tile/trait (including blank tiles)

  • Change the Resource total percentage

  • Change the bird bonus percentage

  • Change foraging time

  • Forage multiple times on a tile per forage

  • Change the number of chikn and Roostr that can forage

As more gameplay elements are introduced, new Items will become available that allow players to hone their playstyle to their tastes. For example, items might give strength or defense bonuses in CoqFight, or allow players to heal mid-battle.

Supply Cap

Some Items have a global supply cap that limits the number of times they can be crafted by players. Once this supply cap gets hit, that’s it—players can no longer craft the Item from a Blueprint and can only purchase them from the marketplace.

Supply caps play an important role in keeping Item NFT supplies in check and add another element to the overall crafting meta. In-demand Items that have hit their cap will attract higher prices on the market, while other players will innovate and devise new strategies to fill the gap.

Even if an Item hits its cap, that doesn’t mean its function is gone from the game entirely. The Chikn team will release new Items and Blueprints as needed that aim to fill the gaps created by capped Items. These will normally be variations that also serve to guide the ecosystem in the right direction.

Minting Items

Updated 15/12/2023

Equipable Items start their life in your off-chain inventory, but at some point, you may want to show them the wild world of Item trading in the marketplace. To trade Items, you’ll need to move them on-chain by minting them.

Minting Items from your inventory to your wallet costs $EGG and $WORM and is limited by a 24-hour cooldown. You can skip this cooldown by offering 2500 $WORM to the Chikn gods.

There is no fee to move Items off-chain and there is no cooldown. When you move an Item off-chain, the Item NFT is burned and the equivalent Item appears in your inventory.

Moving Items on- and off-chain won’t impact the global supply cap for that Item.


All craftable Items have limited uses that decrease with every associated bird that is sent to forage while that Item is in use. For Consumables, this is represented by the Item’s uses. Once a Consumable is used the maximum number of times, it’s removed from your inventory.

Conditions on the farm can be rough and varied, and chikn are not known for keeping their gear in good shape. Equipable Items will experience wear every time they’re used in a forage, accumulating until they break. You’ll get more life out of an Equipable than a Consumable, but when an Equipable breaks its effects will no longer work.

From the soil all things come, and to the soil all things return. Broken Items aren’t that useful to have around, but luckily they can be decomposed into their constituent Resources. If you’re not feeling up to the task, you can sell the broken Item to other players by moving it on-chain and listing it on the marketplace.

Items with more wear return fewer Resouces when decomposed, with broken items returning the fewest Resources and Items in perfect condition returning the most (although never 100% of those that went into crafting it). Keep an eye on wear and make sure you’re considering the optimal time to Decompose in your strategy

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