In our case, chikn came before $EGGโ€”but only just. Our first NFT collection of 10,000 algorithmically generated (and some unique) Chikn hit the blockchain in November 2021. These crypto hens are one of the core pillars of the Chikn ecosystem, providing holders with a continuous source of $EGG tokens.

A game about managing farm animals would be nothing without, well, a farm. Our second NFT, FarmLand, gave players a home to call theirs and a hub to manage their LP Farm. FarmLand can be upgraded by burning $EGG, increasing the number of LP rewards users can hold and periodically revealing new tiles of random rarity.

Our third NFT releaseโ€”Roostrโ€”saw activity on Avalanche spike to its highest level ever during its mint. Roostr are a great source of the fertilizing $FERT that improves the productivity of FarmLand LP rewards and provide an affordable starting point for those looking to get involved with Chikn.

Beyond the birds, new NFT collections will expand the Chikn ecosystem into the future. These NFTs include items that provide critical boosts during gameplay, as well as NFTs from partner projects that are integrated into the Chiknverse or launched through Eggnite.

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