How to Get Involved

This Google Form is the first step in your application to Eggnite. Repeat submissions will not be considered.

Whether you’re just starting or have already launched, we want to hear from you. Show us what you have—the idea, the art, the website, the docs, the team, the concept, or your track record—and let’s get the conversation started.

Complete the Form above and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What We’re Looking For

  • Creativity & Originality Like you, we believe in doing things differently. While we do want cohesion in the Chikn ecosystem, we also want a breadth of concepts, genres, and technical applications. Mix it up and make it fresh—this is your permission to innovate.

  • Quality & Suitability Is it capable of becoming a top-10 project on Avalanche? Could it be competitive with top-tier NFTs on Ethereum?

  • Enjoyment Factor Will the community love it? Interactivity, playability, and utility are the keywords here. It might look pretty, but is it fun?

  • Progress How far along are you? How much extra work needs to be put in or are you on track for completion in the near future?

  • Proof of Execution What’s your track record? Proven ability to execute is not essential, but a massive plus.

  • Transparency & Compliance While we’re not here to micromanage, we’re serious about due diligence and need to be sure you’re a trustworthy and legally compliant entity within your jurisdiction.

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