Traits & Rarity

Unlike other NFTs that reveal all traits once revealed, FarmLand instead keeps the curtain drawn on the NFTs rarity. As FarmLand increase in Bigness, new tiles are revealed at regular intervals. There are 40 types of tiles (including the central Barn tile), with some including multiple design variants.

New tiles are revealed every 5 Bigness, with a couple of exceptions. The player automatically reveals the central Barn tile at 1 Bigness and the second tile at 5 Bigness. The final two tiles are revealed at 110 and 120 Bigness respectively.

Itโ€™s only possible to increase Bigness three times per day. Tiles are revealed until the FarmLand becomes a 5x5 grid (24 random tiles + the Barn) at which point no further tiles are revealed.

Revealing all tiles requires a FarmLand of 120 Bigness. Players can continue to grow their FarmLand beyond 120 Bigness and may choose to do so for clout, larger WormFarms, and for other reasons that havenโ€™t been announced yet.

Upgrading Bigness permanently changes the NFTs metadata, just as new tiles are permanently added to the NFT. This is possible thanks to the upgradable NFT infrastructure that underpins the Chikn ecosystem.

Unlike the chikn and Roostr marketplaces which categorize floor prices by rarity, FarmLand floor prices are instead ranked by Bigness. This is to keep the underlying rarity of unrevealed tiles a secretโ€”it wouldnโ€™t be much fun if you knew what was coming.

To get an idea of the overall rareness of a FarmLand NFT, players can check its Score. This is calculated by summing rarity points associated with revealed tiles. Players can also search for specific tiles in the Marketplace and inspect all possible tiles by navigating to FarmLand > Tiles/Traits.

The unique rarity mechanic of FarmLand makes for interesting gameplay metas, and marketplace floor prices regularly demonstrate that size isnโ€™t everything when it comes to FarmLand. A Humble FarmLand with no exceptional tiles could potentially reveal a heavy concentration of some of the rarest tiles in the game. A vast FarmLand with an exceptionally high rarity score could go on to reveal only common tiles as it increases in size.

Different FarmLand tiles allow players to find different Resources in Foraging. If a player requires a certain Resource for Crafting, they would need a FarmLand with certain tiles if they wish to forage for it. Blank tiles on a FarmLand can alternatively be equipped with items that enable the corresponding resource to be foraged.

Rarity also impacts the way players forage. Rarer tiles increase the chance that a particular resource will be successfully found by a foraging chikn or Roostr. Players can view the Resources associated with tiles and the corresponding boost to their forage chance on the FarmLand Traits page.

Traits and rarities make no difference to LP Farm multipliers or reward Silos. See the section on LP Farming for more information.

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