Traits & Rarity

Every coq is different, and no two Roostr are exactly alike. Of the collection of 12,000, 11,988 were randomly generated with varying rarities while 12 unique Roostr were commissioned from several talented artists.

All Roostr and their traits can be found on the native Chikn Marketplace.

Just as chikn traits have no impact on $EGG production, Roostr traits have no impact on $FERT drops. Leveling your Roostr by feeding it $EGG and giving it its minimum daily meal is the only way to get more $FERT, regardless of whether your NFT is common or unique.

However, traits play an important role in the other games within Chikn. Upcoming game releases, including ChiknQuest and CoqFight, will see traits play an increasingly important role. Traits already influence the outcomes in Foragingโ€”certain Roostr traits provide boosts to corresponding resources, increasing the chance theyโ€™ll be discovered during a Forage. See the sections on Foraging and chikn Traits & Rarity for more details.

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