Roosting was the first component of the Chikn gaming ecosystem and is a fundamental component of the meta.

There are currently two NFTs that can be added to a player’s roost:

  • chikn NFTs

  • Roostr NFTs

Each produces different tokens at variable rates that depend on the individual NFTs upgradable metadata, specifically its KG, or ‘Killergainz’.

Roosted chikn lay $EGG. It’s science.

Roosted Roostr squirt $FERT. It’s also science.

To produce more resources in the Roost, increase the NFT's KG. This is done for chikn by giving them $FEED and for Roostr by feeding them $EGG. See the section on Leveling for more information.

A bird's roost is its castle, and your Roost is your castle away from… castle? Players can customize the name of their Roost by editing their wallet name—see the section on CNS & RNS for more details.

All Roosts collectively make the Barn—the entire collection of roosted chikn and Roostr. To view where your Roost sits on the leaderboard, head to Chikn > Leaderboard and navigate to the ‘Roost’ tab. Players can see their position at the top and sort the leaderboard by rank, total KG, number of Chikn, average weight per chikn, and estimated daily $EGG.

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