Item & Blueprint NFTs

Items and Blueprints were released with the Foraging rollout in Q4 2022. They introduced ways to boost the preexisting traits of chikn, Roostr, and FarmLand NFTs and play an important role in the various games within the Chikn ecosystem, including Foraging and the upcoming ChiknQuest and CoqFight releases.
Item NFTs are available for Equipable Items. For more information on the difference between Equipable and Consumable Items, see the Items section under Foraging.
Players can craft all types of Consumable Items after digging and filling 5 levels in their WormFarm, as long as they have the requisite resources for that Item.
To craft an Equipable Item, players need the corresponding Blueprint and its requisite resources. Blueprints are individual NFTs that are discovered after digging and filling to varying levels of a Worm Farm. Blueprints are tradable and can be found on the Chikn Marketplace.
When players craft an Item, it is initially held in their off-chain inventory. If players wish to trade Equipable Items, they can choose to mint it as an on-chain NFT held in their wallet.
To mint an Item NFT, players must pay a fee in $WORM and $EGG and are limited by a 5 hour cooldown. This cooldown can be skipped by paying an additional fee in $WORM.
Once players hold Item NFTs, they’re free to trade or transfer them as they wish. Players looking to buy and sell Item NFTs can head to the Chikn Marketplace to explore all available inventory—be sure to check the Item’s wear before purchasing.
If a player decides to use an Item in-game, they must first transfer it to their off-chain inventory. Moving items offchain is free (plus gas) and has no cooldown—you can do it as often as you want, as long as you’ve got enough for gas.
When a player moves an Item NFT off-chain, the NFT is burned and an equivalent item is placed in their inventory. Note that the supply caps that apply to some items count both on- and off-chain instances of the item.