Worm are hungry and eager to dismantle the Items their brethren lost their lives to craft. Decomposing allows players to return their Items to the soil to get back some of the Resources that went into crafting them.

Decomposing takes time and costs $WORM, the exact numbers of which decided by the wear of the Item. You can skip the decomposition time by paying 5x the $WORM cost to instantly secure your Resources.

Updated 15/12/2023

Costs to Decompose:

  • Pristine = 5000 $WORM

  • Fresh = 1200 $WORM

  • Used = 750 $WORM

  • Worn = 500 $WORM

  • Cooked = 250 $WORM

  • Broken = 100 $WORM

You can skip the decomposition cooldown by paying more $WORM for an instant decomposition.

$WORM\ Cost\ to\ Instant\ Decompose = Decompose\ Cost* 5

The amount of Resources you get back from an Item depends on its wear. Broken Items return the fewest Resources, while Items in perfect nick give back the most.

Youโ€™ll never get back 100% of the constituent Resources. Your worm arenโ€™t fans of โ€˜change of mindโ€™ policies.

Decomposition Rates:

  • Pristine = 75%

  • Fresh = 60%

  • Used = 50%

  • Worn = 30%

  • Cooked = 15%

  • Broken = 5%

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