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FarmLand NFT

Chronologically, FarmLand was the second NFT in the Chikn ecosystem. FarmLand dropped in February 2022, giving players a home base for their operations and opening the door to gamified LP Farm incentives.
Today, FarmLand plays a critical role in Foraging. Players need a FarmLand (and the WormFarm beneath it) in order to forage and craft items.
Chikn has a reputation for doing things differently with mints, and FarmLand was no different. Instead of spending ecosystem tokens like $AVAX or $EGG, players were required to burn Trader Joe LP tokens to secure an NFT. This meant all funds raised from the mint were permanently and irrecoverably deposited as LP for $EGG. For more information, see the Mint Mechanics section.
FarmLand helped further demonstrate the power of Chikn’s upgradable NFT infrastructure. Players can burn $EGG to increase the Bigness of their FarmLand, periodically revealing new tiles with random rarities. This game can be thought of as a mini-mint within the NFT, as players are never sure what tiles they’ll unlock when their FarmLand grows.