FarmLand NFT ⛰

Gamified LP Farming.
First-in-class, gamified, on-chain LP Farming.
The first completely upgradable NFT - in both metadata AND imagery.

Stop wasting time with diminishing rewards on someone else's farm. Increase your rewards over time on your very own Farm, while owning an expanding piece of the Metaverse.

Burn $EGG on your FarmLand to upgrade its utility, and every 5 expansions new tiles are randomly added. Each tile is a unique trait that contributes to the rarity of your FarmLand - every new tile is a mini-mint!
Not only that, every expansion increases the rewards capacity of your FarmLand. That means you'll be able to accumulate more rewards from LP Farming with a bigger Farmland. If you reach the maximum of 120 Bigness, your capacity is infinite!
Increase your LP Farm rewards multiplier by fertilizing your FarmLand - permanently and without diltuion. By burning $FERT tokens on your FarmLand, your LP Farm rewards multiplier increases incrementally. Grab a Roostr and start squirting!