Farming Guide

Farming requires players to stake certain tokens to earn rewards. As discussed previously, this can be both Trader Joe LP tokens or single assets.

Single-Sided Staking (SSS) Guide

To access SSS, players must navigate to their Roost. On, select Chikn > Roost.

The SSS panel is on the right-hand side of the screen, beneath claimable $EGG and next to the Roost display.

SSS is currently closed for deposits. This guide will be updated with staking instructions when it reopens again.

Players with tokens already in SSS can still access the panel to claim any accumulated rewards and to withdraw their staked $EGG. To withdraw tokens, enter the amount you’d like to unstake (or select ‘Max’ to withdraw all staked $EGG) and click ‘Unstake’.

Eggies are delicate, and one in every dozen will break upon unstaking—this equates to an 8.3% penalty. All broken $EGG are permanently burned.

Breakage and unstaking penalties do not apply to LP Farms.

LP Farming Guide

The basic process for LP Farming is the same for players with FarmLand and those without. First, head to and navigate to FarmLand > LP Farm.

If you have an inactive FarmLand, activate it. Click the desired FarmLand and choose ‘activate’. You’ll need to activate each FarmLand against every pair you’d like to farm.

Most FarmLand are already activiated on primary pairs—if you purchased a FarmLand NFT from the marketplace you may not need to do this step.

Next, select the FarmLand you would like to add LP tokens to. If you’re farming without FarmLand, skip this step.

LP Farming requires players to add liquidity to accepted Trader Joe pairs. Have a look through the available pairs and identify the one that suits you. In general, the EGG/AVAX (Dual Rewards) pool has the best available rewards.

Head to Trader and add liquidity to the desired pair. Note that this guide assumes that players have experience with liquidity provision and understand the risks associated with it.

Anyone can deploy contracts to a decentralized exchange, including the bad people launching fake tokens. Always double-check the token addresses against those listed in the footer at or here in these docs.

With your fresh Trader Joe liquidity tokens (JLP) in hand, head back to your farm. Select the pool you’d like to farm from, approve the contract to access tokens in your wallet, select the number of tokens you’d like to stake, and hit ‘Deposit’.

The approval process for Chikn LP Farms is slightly different from a lot of other LP farms. Instead of approving for an unlimited amount, the user approves up to a specified amount of tokens that can be deposited or withdrawn. This means if the smart contract is ever compromised, the potential damage is limited by the approved amount.

Once added, your Farm will automatically begin accumulating rewards.

Remember, once your Silo is full, you won’t be able to earn any additional rewards. Make sure you empty it before it fills, or upgrade your FarmLand to increase its Silo size.

To earn rewards faster, increase the fertility of your FarmLand. See the section on Fertilizing for more information.

If you don’t have a FarmLand, your LP Farm’s fertility and silo capacity will be fixed at the minimum values and cannot be upgraded. To hold more rewards in the silo or to earn rewards faster, consider becoming a titled Chikn landholder by purchasing a FarmLand NFT.

To withdraw, head back to the pair you added LP tokens to, select the ‘Withdraw’ tab, enter the amount you’d like to take out, and press ‘Withdraw’. When you withdraw JLP from a farm it will automatically claim any tokens held in your silo.

Players with multiple FarmLand can choose which ones they want to use for LP Farming. Simply activate the FarmLand you’d like to use and add or withdraw LP tokens as you need.

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