"To initiate courting, Roostr will dance in a circle around or near a hen (a 'circle dance') before releasing a nutrient-rich substance (a ‘$FERT squirt’) to display dominance."
– Cluckbridge University Press Biology Coursebook (Third Edition)
$FERT is dropped by roosted Roostr that have been fed $EGG, and can be used to fertilize FarmLand for both LP Farm and foraging rewards. We’re committed to this poultry meme to the end.
$FERT became available when Roostr NFTs were activated for Roosting. Like $EGG, there is no supply cap on $FERT. Roostr will always squirt $FERT.
In addition to FarmLand fertilization, $FERT is also required for Foraging. Players must spend a fixed amount of $FERT to initiate a Forage.