Mint Mechanics

Total supply: 5,000 FarmLand

Mint status: Sold out

The FarmLand mint was significant for two reasons. First, it introduced gamified LP farming to the Chikn ecosystem. These farms play an important role today and allow players to earn a range of tokens through liquidity provision.

Second, it secured nearly $1 million of $EGG liquidity in the EGG/AVAX pair. This was achieved through a unique pricing strategy for the NFT, requiring players to burn LP tokens to secure a mint.

FarmLand minted February 20, 2022. chikn NFT holders were airdropped 1 FarmLand NFT per wallet, with a total of 2,174 distributed this way prior to public mint. This left 2,826 FarmLand NFTs for the public sale, with a limit of one FarmLand per wallet. Wallets that had been airdropped FarmLand because of their chikn were able to mint an additional FarmLand during the public round.

To secure an NFT, players were required to burn 16 $JLP tokens from the EGG/AVAX pair on Trader Joe. This was around 120 $EGG and equivalent $AVAX at the time. These LP tokens were sent to the furnace, locking that liquidity in the pool forever.

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