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Blueprints are NFTs that allow the holder to craft a corresponding Equipable Item. They are held on-chain in your wallet and can be traded on the Chikn marketplace.
Rarer Blueprints either create rarer Items or result in more items crafted in a single event.
Some Items have a limited global supply. Once the global supply cap is reached, players won’t be able to craft any more of that Item and must instead purchase them from the secondary market. The total supply of each Blueprint is 10% of the maximum supply of the Item it can craft (which is counted across both on-chain and off-chain Items). See Items for more information on this cap.
There’s no limit to the number of times you can craft from a Blueprint, as long as the Item supply cap hasn’t been reached.
Blueprints are discovered as you dig through your WormFarm. Once a Blueprint is found, you’ll need to fill your WormFarm with $WORM to the depth of the Blueprint in order to recover it.
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