You don’t name your children with numbers, so why do the same with your chikn?

In early February 2022, the Chikn Name Service (CNS) and Roost Name Service (RNS) rolled out. CNS and RNS allow players to burn $EGG to change the name of their chikn, Roostr, FarmLand, and Roost wallet and to assign a quote and bio to our avian friends. CNS and RNS give players the freedom to express their desires—and their coq’s desires—in a handy block of text.

Information in this section applies to chikn, Roostr, and FarmLand. Read on for all the beautiful details ✨

CNS and RNS exist because you create the world your chikn lives in. Got an epic backstory the world needs to hear about? Cluck away. Want to stand out in the marketplace or on the leaderboard? The name services are there for you.

The CNS can be accessed by selecting an individual chikn—head to Wallet > Chikn to get a list of all chikn you currently own.

Select the chikn you want to name and click the ‘Edit chikn name’ button in the toolbar under your chikn’s picture.

Changing a chikn name through CNS costs 30 $EGG, all of which is instantly burned.

Changing your chikn’s bio is also done through the chikn’s profile page. The bio sits above the attribute list—click ‘Bio’ to enter editing mode. Enter your desired quote and bio copy and pay 12 $EGG to confirm the update. Again, this $EGG is instantly burned.

CNS takes advantage of the powerful upgradable smart contracts powering the entire chikn NFT collection. Name and bio changes are written as metadata, meaning they’ll transfer with the NFT if it moves wallets or is sold on the marketplace. Nothing has to be forever either—you can change your chikn name and bio as often as you want.

You have 140 characters in descriptors and 70 characters for flavor text to completely define who your coq is and what their battle cry will be, beyond their incredible attributes. Bok bok in bio, indeed.

Name and bio changes are also available for Roostr, as is the ability to rename FarmLand. Select the Roostr or FarmLand you want to edit and commit changes in the same way you would for chikn.

To change the name of your Roost, head to your Wallet. At the top of the screen, you’ll see your wallet name with a pencil icon next to it (the default name is a flavorless ‘Wallet’). Changing the name of your Roost costs 70 $EGG, all of which is thrown directly into the token incinerator and burned.

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