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"In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death, taxes, and chikn lay $EGG."
– Henjamin Franklin
$EGG is the central token in the Chikn ecosystem, with a range of utilities both within the game and throughout auxiliary products. It was the first fungible token launched by Chikn and is produced by roosted (staked) chikn NFTs.
There is no hard cap on $EGG. chikn will always lay $EGG.
$EGG is needed to:
  • Grow Roostr KG and produce $FERT
  • Add liquidity for LP Farming
  • Increase FarmLand Bigness
  • Dig in your WormFarm
  • Initiate a forage
  • Use the Chikn Name Service (CNS) and Roost Name Service (RNS)
  • Participate in gamified NFT launches through Eggnite
  • Unlock future perks and products in the Chikn ecosystem
Earning $EGG starts with roosting a chikn. Biggr chikn lay more $EGG than smol chikn. Assuming all chikn reach a hefty size of 45 KG each, there is a hypothetical maximum emission rate of around 120,000 $EGG per day.
When chikn lay $EGG, the tokens accumulate in the player’s roost. The player can choose to claim the $EGG at any time and transfer them to their wallet.