"In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death, taxes, and chikn lay $EGG."

โ€“ Henjamin Franklin

$EGG is the central token in the Chikn ecosystem, with a range of utilities within the game. It was the first fungible token launched by Chikn and is produced by roosted (staked) chikn NFTs.

There is no hard cap on $EGG. chikn will always lay $EGG.

$EGG is needed to:

  • Grow Roostr KG and produce $FERT

  • Add liquidity for LP Farming

  • Increase FarmLand Bigness

  • Dig in your WormFarm

  • Initiate a forage

  • Use the Chikn Name Service (CNS) and Roost Name Service (RNS)

  • Participate in gamified NFT launches through Eggnite

$EGG starts with roosting a chikn. Biggr chikn lay more $EGG than smol chikn. Assuming all chikn reach a hefty size of 45 KG each, there is a hypothetical maximum emission rate of around 120,000 $EGG per day.

When chikn lay $EGG, the tokens accumulate in the playerโ€™s roost. The player can choose to claim the $EGG at any time and transfer them to their wallet.

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