Traits & Rarity

Nice coq, but how nice?

As there will only ever be 10,000 chikn, it goes without saying that all chikn are rare. Still, no two chikn are alike, and different traits and combinations have different rates of occurrence.

It’s important to note that rarity has no impact on $EGG laying. All chikn lay $EGG at the same rate as determined by their individual Kg. A 30 KG unique will lay the same amount of $EGG as a 30 KG common.

That’s not to say your chikn traits aren’t important. In the early days of chikn, rarity was an end in and of itself. Rarer chikn are harder to come by and usually fetch a higher price on the market. Chikn gamers have also been known to search out chikn with particular traits that match their personal flare.

With the release of Foraging, traits began playing a role in the game’s meta. Certain traits increase the chance of your chikn successfully foraging particular Resources from your FarmLand. Gamers looking to maximize their holdings of certain Resources can initiate a forage with a chikn that provides a boost to that Resource. Common traits provide less of a boost than rare traits—for example, the common ‘Cornhusk’ background provides a 0.5% boost to Veg forages, while the elite ‘Farm’ background provides a 2% boost to the same Resource.

Traits will play an increasingly important role in the game meta as more updates roll out, particularly as active gameplay elements are brought online.

The Chikn marketplace is the best place to explore chikn of differing rarity. In the marketplace, players can search for available chikn by overall rarity or by specific traits. This feature is also available to some extent on OpenSea, however upgradable traits like KG, Resource bonuses, name and bio won’t be displayed on external platforms.

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