Beneath all FarmLand lays a subterranean empire home to $WORM. This is your WormFarmโ€”an essential component of the Chikn gaming ecosystem.

WormFarm was released with the Foraging updateโ€”see the sections on $WORM, Item NFTs and Foraging for more on this release.

Each FarmLand has its own WormFarm, the size of which is tied to the number of tiles on the FarmLand. As the FarmLand grow in size, players are able to dig to greater depths to increase the capacity of their WormFarm and uncover riches and Crafting Blueprints.

WormFarm Size & Digging

The maximum size of the WormFarm increases in step with the rate that new tiles are revealed. Once players hit 120 Bigness and max out their tiles, they can continue digging with a new Worm Farm block continuing to unlock at a slightly faster rate. Players who reach 195 Bigness will maximize the potential size of their WormFarm at 50 blocks.

Unlocking a block in a WormFarm does not mean that the player can utilize it right away. The potential size of a WormFarm is instead useful for calculating the maximum depth and maximum Wormcount that can be associated with a WormFarm.

For example, a player with a FarmLand at 40 Bigness will have unlocked 10 tiles. This means that they can potentially dig until the tenth block in their Worm Farm. Digging requires players to burn $EGG from their off-chain holdings.

$EGG\ to\ dig = 3 * Bigness\ required\ for\ FarmLand\ tile

To dig to their maximum depth, the player would need to burn 120 $EGG. As players must dig blocks sequentially, the accumulated cost to reach a WormFarm depth of 10 would be 549 $EGG.

Blueprints & Rewards

As players dig in their WormFarm, Crafting Blueprints and some exciting surprises are unearthed. These are unlocked at different depths, with rewards found deeper generally being rare than those found at more shallow levels.

Digging only reveals the Blueprint or rewardโ€”to claim them, players must fill their WormFarm with $WORM and reach the buried treasures.


Wormcount measures the amount of $WORM that has been moved off-chain into the playerโ€™s WormFarm. When $WORM is moved off-chain, the tokens are permanently burned and cannot be retrieved. For more information, see $WORM Burning.

A player's maximum Wormcount is determined by the number of WormFarm blocks they have dug.

Until players dig in their WormFarm, their actual $WORM capacity will not increase.

Increasing Wormcount is an important part of the Chikn game. By filling their WormFarm and increasing their Wormcount, players decrease the amount of time required to complete a Forage. Players also need to fill their WormFarm to retrieve Blueprints and other buried treasures beneath the ground.

See the section on Foraging for more information on its specific mechanics.

WormFarm Example

Say Kernal Sanders has a FarmLand NFT with 15 Bigness. On the surface, he would have unlocked 5 tiles, including the starting Barn tile.

Sanders wants to get his WormFarm going, so he heads underground. With 5 tiles unlocked on his FarmLand, he can dig a maximum of 5 squares in his WormFarm. He begins digging, paying 3 $EGG to dig the first block, and 6 $EGG to dig the second. He continues until the fifth block, paying 45 $EGG to dig it, with a cumulative cost of 99 $EGG.

With the fifth block unlocked, Sanders discovers a reward. To reach it, he needs fill his WormFarm to its max capacity, at this point 20,000 $WORM. He deploys the $WORM from his wallet to his WormFarm, claims his reward, and reduces his foraging time by 2.5 hours. He also has 20,000 $WORM that he can use when he decides to start crafting.

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