Roostr NFT 🐔

They squirt $fert on your dirt
Mint Price: 1.75 AVAX per Roostr (sold out in 15 minutes) Supply: 12,000
Roostr was the biggest mint in the history of AVAX — setting unprecedented levels of blockchain activity. With a gamified $EGG burn race for higher rarities, the mint burned over 1.2m $EGG Tokens for only 4000 of the supply.
First came the chikn, and those chikn laid $EGG — soon came the Roostr, and those Roostr squirt $FERT. The mighty Roostr is the proud successor to the humble coq, with an insatiable appetite for $EGG and battle-ready build. Working in synergy with FarmLand and chikn, Roostr is your key to LP farming with permanently boosted rewards.