🐔Roostr NFT

Roostr was the third NFT collection introduced to the Chikn ecosystem, bringing new ways to burn $EGG and introducing $FERT and its associated role in LP Farming.

Roostr was a significant release in the history of Chikn and the Avalanche blockchain. The mint, which proceeded over two days, introduced a gamified system that required players to burn $EGG in a race to mint rarer NFTs. The more $EGG burned during the game window, the rarer the Roostr would be once minted. This system set the groundwork for the gamified mints now available on Eggnite. See the section on Mint Mechanics for more details.

In addition to pioneering gamified minting, Roostr set new activity records on Avalanche. The highly anticipated mint saw the most activity the blockchain has ever seen as players battled it out for their prized coqs. The entire public release sold out in just 15 minutes.

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