For Gamers & Consumers

Eggnite gives the user more. Whether you’re in the Chikn ecosystem, an eager NFT collector, or a new user, we’ve got something for you.


Priority Mints

$EGG Holder Advantages

Those in the Chikn ecosystem have priority with upcoming mints and product offerings.

Gamified Farming

Upgradable Rewards

FarmLand NFTs give you access to all reward farms available at and can be for better results over time!



The Path to the Chiknverse

Bridge NFTs from Ethereum or Solana with ease. Stop looking at your favorite NFTs and start playing with them.


Token Wrappers that Do More

Got PFP NFTs you’d like to game with? While nothing compares to a genuine chikn or Roostr, giving your NFTs an EGGsoskeleton makes any NFT competitive in the Chiknverse.

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