$FERT Tokenomics

Token name: chikn fert (FERT)

Contract: 0x9C846D808A41328A209e235B5e3c4E626DAb169E

Initial supply: 3.5 million (3,500,000) $FERT

Max supply: Uncapped

EGG/FERT on Trader Joe

There was no presale for $FERT. All FarmLand NFTs received an airdrop of $FERT proportional to their Bigness, with a total of 3.5 million $FERT distributed. The supply is uncapped as all Roostr will continue dropping $FERT as long as they are fed $EGG. There is a strong incentive for players to burn $FERT to fertilize FarmLand and increase their reward multiplier, keeping token inflation in check.

At launch, the Chikn team projected that approximately 1 billion $FERT would be released in the first year. This calculation was made on the assumptions that:

  • 70% of Roostr are fed every day

  • 70% of Roostr are grown efficiently and effectively

These numbers were based on data collected on how players interacted with chikn NFTs.

Based on this assumption, 10% of the first year supply (100 million $FERT) was allocated by the team to liquidity and market making. This supply is vested for one year and released in equal amounts weekly.

$FERT emissions are predicted to reach 2 billion in approximately 540 days after launch. This modeling suggests $FERT emissions will reach 3.6 billion in the first two years after launch.

The circulating supply of $FERT will vary depending on how players use the token in their strategy.

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