Leveling is a key component of the Chikn game and the component of the meta that sees the most strategizing. Want to be an $EGG maxi? Fatten those birds as fast as you can. Looking to spread the cost/benefit accross multiple birds? Aim for a high average weight across the entire Roost.

A third-party tool, Chikn Strats, provides a great starting point for players looking to explore different leveling strategies. Head to the Toolboks for a link to the tool.

Leveling chikn

Leveling your chikn is a central part of the Chikn game. Roost your chikn to lay $EGG, stake the $EGG to earn $FEED, feed the $FEED to your chikn to make it bigger and lay more $EGG. It’s simple, really.

Whenever a chikn gains a KG level, the new weight is written permanently to the NFTs metadata. If you transfer the NFT at any point, it’ll move with the upgraded weight.

As your chikn increase their KG, they’ll naturally need more food to stave off the hunger pains. This means they’ll require increasing amounts of $FEED to reach higher levels. See $FEED Burning for the functions that determine how much $FEED is required to level.

All chikn start with a base weight of 1 KG, where they lay 1 $EGG per day. Increasing the KG of your chikn increases the $EGG laid by 0.25 $EGG per KG per day. Check out the section on $EGG for more information on $EGG emissions over time.

Your chikn needs time to digest the $FEED you give them. Digestion is a cooldown that triggers whenever a chikn levels and increases in length as the chikn grows in size.

A chikn moving from 1 KG to 2 KG requires 60 minutes to digest. A chikn moving from 30 KG to 31 KG requires 1,800 minutes, or 30 hours, to digest.

Digestion can be skipped by burning additional $EGG. The amount of $EGG required also scales with level.

Cost\ in\ $EGG\ to\ skip\ digestion=KG*3

$EGG emissions aren’t the only thing that will be impacted by chikn KG. Future game releases, including CoqFight and ChiknQuest, will factor weight into their game mechanics. Whether you’re competing at the highest levels with a heavyweight chook or looking to cheese a min-max strat to body low-level noobs, KG is something you need to keep an eye on.

Chikn leveling gained a new dynamic with the full distribution of $FEED rewards. Players have farmed the very last bits of $FEED, and now exchanges are the only place to acquire the tokens needed to level chikn. This change has had a profound impact on the meta as players look to new strategies to level their chikn or to leverage their existing stores of $FEED.

Leveling Roostr

Our very own Coqy Balboas, Roostr, eat $EGG—and lots of it. This protein-rich meal helps your Roostr bulk and level their KG, in turn increasing their $FERT production.

Like chikn, gains to Roostr KG are permanently written to the NFT’s metadata.

Bigger Roostr need to eat more food—the amount of $EGG required to level increases with each KG. The amount of $EGG required is tied to the current weight of the Roostr.

$EGG\ required\ to\ level = KG

To move from 1 KG to 2 KG, players need to burn 1 $EGG. To move from 21 KG to 22 Kg, players need to burn 21 $EGG.

This applies until level 36, at which point the cost to level is capped at 36 $EGG. All subsequent levels will only cost 36 $EGG to achieve.

Growing quickly takes a physical toll on Roostr, which is why they experience GrowingPainz (GP) whenever they level. GP is analogous to digestion in chikn, serving as a cooldown timer that activates when a Roostr levels.

A Roostr moving from 1 KG to 2 KG requires 60 minutes to pass its GP. A Roostr moving from 30 KG to 31 KG requires 1,800 minutes, or 30 hours, to pass its GP.

GP can be skipped by giving your Roostr some $FEED. The amount of $FEED required is linked to its KG—see the section on $FEED Burning for more information.

Roostr require at least 1 $EGG every 24 hours to produce $FERT. If you don’t feed your Roostr, they’ll keep their KG but their hungry bodies will stop dropping the nutrient-rich fertilizer Chikn farmers love so much. The $EGG you feed your Roostr to keep it squirtin’ $FERT counts towards increasing its level.

GP time prevents the Roostr from eating $EGG. If the Roostr’s GP time exceeds 24 hours, it won’t drop any $FERT until it finishes growing—even if you feed it $EGG while the GP timer is on.

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