Cluck Norris

Chief Executive Officer
Cluck Norris is a celebrity CEO and digital platforms and currencies architect with experience in Web3 investing, trading, and tokenomic innovation. Beyond Chikn, Cluck is known for his charismatic performances on Squalker, Texas Free-Ranger, Brood of Silence, and alongside Roost Lee in Lay of the Dragon.

Sherbok Holmes

Chief Operating Officer
Sherbok Holmes is a tokenomics and game theory specialist with experience modeling and projecting ecosystem dynamics. His time running a small investigative agency allowed him to develop the business management skills necessary to oversee Chikn’s daily operations across legal, accounting, and roadmap.


Chief Technology Officer - Smart Contracts
KFC, the Colonel of Code, is a seasoned full-stack developer and smart contract wizard (although what’s in the seasoning is a heavily guarded secret). He’s experienced with mixing herbs and spices as a business founder and has extensive experience developing fintech platforms.

Hen Solo

Chief Technology Officer - Platform
Hen Solo is a platform and applications specialist, full-stack developer, entrepreneur, business founder, and inter-gall-actic badboy. After rising to notoriety as a lone wolf, Hen learned the power of friendship and teamwork after a series of encounters and adventures, leading him to develop fintech platforms and games in teams before eventually helping found Chikn


Chief Creative Officer
Gravy is a design and creative specialist who brings a deep, rich flavour to the entire project. Whether he's basting the website with style or roasting up a big ol’ tray of poultry NFTs, Gravy is the special ingredient that makes Chikn unique.


Chief Financial Officer
Known in other realms as the Great Fowl of Finance, BBQ is responsible for treasury management and the market analysis that informs the financial and investment direction of the Chikn ecosystem. A Web3 native and seasoned investor and trader, BBQ is well known among the courts of blockchain projects and brings his extensive network to our summoning table.
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