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$FEED Burning

$FEED exists to keep hungry chikn sate, and feeding chikn $FEED is the outlet for token burning.
Giving your chikn $FEED increases its KG. The amount of $FEED required to increase the size of a chikn by 1 KG scales with the size of the chikn.
$FEED required to increase Chikn KG
The primary purpose of giving your chikn $FEED is to increase the amount of $EGG they can lay—we’re not here trying to make foie gras. That’s why you’ll need to wait for your chikn to digest after it increases its KG before you can give it more $FEED.
Digestion time increases linearly with level, although players can burn $EGG to skip digestion if they want to level their KG quicker.
Digestion time in minutes=KG∗60Digestion\ time\ in\ minutes = KG * 60
Digestion time required to increase KG
For example, a chikn moving from 1 to 2 KG would require 60 minutes to digest before being able to level from 2 to 3 KG. If you’re looking to get a nice weight of 69 KG, you’d need to wait 4,080 minutes, or about 2 days and 20 hours, before being able to make the gainz to 70 KG.
$FEED can also be used to skip the GrowingPainz (GP) experienced by Roostr. Just as chikn have a digestion time that restricts their leveling rate, Roostr have a GP timer that triggers whenever they level. To skip the GP cooldown, players can burn $FEED in amounts that increase with KG.