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Chikn offers an open API that allows anyone to query ecosystem data. Note that the API is rate-limited to 300 requests per minute.

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Third-Party Tools

We're extremely proud of our vibrant, intelligent community of enthusiasts, hobbyists, and hardcore developers.
Below is a list of community-developed tools that can help players get the most out of their Chikn experience.
These tools are developed and maintained by members of the community. The Chikn team is not responsible for any of them—for support, reach out to the community on Discord.

Coq Terminal

by Gribbly

Egg Dashboard
by Search4Yield


Chikn Coop
Bok Bok Coop
by White Buffalo and BokBokNews

chikn Tracker

chikn Tracker by Debaqabed
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Chikn World

Chikn 101

Coq Life

Coq Life
by Coq Life