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Farming Contracts

There are several LP Farm contracts and one Single-Sided Staking (SSS) contract.
  • EGG/AVAX (V3) 0x160F701AB5Bc84Dd65CE1174D2022EdC1b128C5F The EGG/AVAX (V3) pool is currently being phased out. Players are encouraged to migrate to the EGG/AVAX (Dual Rewards) pool as soon as possible.
  • EGG/AVAX (Dual Rewards) 0x85fdca3741395b7f9faa70bf7cc40f4ac89127ff The most recent pool to release, the EGG/AVAX (Dual Rewards) pool is the fourth iteration of the popular EGG/AVAX pool and allowed players to earn both $FEED and $WORM rewards simultaneously. The smart contract architecture allows the Chikn team to add and remove reward tokens without redeploying the contract, meaning that new tokens that enter the Chikn ecosystem can be added to the farm without requiring players to migrate to a new pool. Note that $FEED rewards have run out.
  • FERT/AVAX (Dual Rewards) 0x8a9a93d2dea7dec5340de4cdafffb57a398e488b
  • FERT/AVAX 0x5a436a2715e9BED9e7F90815d5c6Ab967790d0AB Players are encouraged to move their staked tokens to the FERT/AVAX (Dual Rewards) pool as soon as possible.
  • FEED/AVAX (Dual Rewards) 0xa268bb74031aa9de6e8cfca89709884646eb938f
  • FEED/AVAX 0x5B0FF1aAcDa53fd80FBB2ED9A05DAac41F182021 Players are encouraged to move their staked tokens to the FEED/AVAX (Dual Rewards) pool as soon as possible.
Players can choose among several LP Farms. Note that these contracts can change from time to time - check with the community on Discord if you're unsure which pool is the most recent.
There are additional legacy LP Farm contracts that are no longer in use. These farms were phased out as the smart contracts governing the pool were upgraded. Note that these farms are no longer generating rewards—players should migrate to an active pool as soon as possible.
  • EGG/AVAX (V1)
  • EGG/AVAX (V2)
Legacy pools can be accessed by navigating to the Legacy LP section in the footer menu on Players can use the UI to withdraw their LP tokens from these pools.