Roostr Daycare

🐓 Roostr Daycare is now LIVE! 🐓

Being a single Chikn farmer is hard work, and making sure your hungry Roostr get fed every single day can be an arduous task. Fortunately, Roostr Daycare can take the stress out of tending to your flock, so that you can focus on what’s important.

Roostr Daycare allows players to make managing their Roostr a passive activity. Players send their Roostr into the Daycare and watch as they’re fed their daily $EGG by our hardworking smart contracts. Roostr Daycare will also collect $FERT automatically and level Roostr as required.

Roostr Daycare is currently in beta. If you have feedback or notice any bugs, please raise a ticket in Discord.

Quickstart 🐣

  1. Head to and navigate to the Roost.

  2. Select the Daycare tab.

  3. Deploy the Daycare contract and finish the setup. Note that it can take a few minutes for the contract to deploy and sync, so if you can't deposit after you launch, give it a few seconds, refresh, then try again.

  4. Top up your $EGG balance with enough to feed your hungry bois and ensure there's enough $AVAX to cover gas.

  5. Approve the contract with your Roostr and enrol them in Daycare.

  6. Check back regularly to claim your $FERT!

Roostr Daycare is a custodial service—you’ll need to transfer your Roostr into the Daycare’s contract. Players can withdraw their Roostr at any time, however they won’t have access to them for Foraging while in Daycare, nor be able to list them in the marketplace.

The Daycare service checks all Roostr twice per day to ensure they’ve had their fill of $EGG.

  • Roostr that have already eaten within the 12 hour window won't need to eat again.

  • Roostr that are feeling hungry are given enough $EGG to level them (and then levelled automatically).

  • Roostr that are within the GP cooldown window are not fed until they're ready to level again.

The Daycare claims $FERT twice per day when the Roostr are fed. This $FERT is added to the Daycare’s wallet with a record of who it belongs to. Players can enter the Daycare and claim any held $FERT whenever they want.

Because the Daycare claims $FERT during feeding windows, balances are updated every 12 hours. If you claim your $FERT, you’ll need to wait until the next feeding window passes before you can claim the next batch.

For the Daycare to take proper care of all the handsome coqs, players will need to ensure that they’ve deposited sufficient $EGG to cover the needs of their Roostr. When the player enters the Daycare UI, they can see how many days their deposited $EGG will last and top up if needed. Players will also need to deposit some $AVAX to cover gas fees while the Roostr are being looked after.

The Daycare will take a fee for providing this crucial service—fair compensation for necessary work. Players are charged an additional 12% of $EGG when birds are fed, taken from their Daycare balance.

Each Daycare wallet has an individual Daycare contract linked to it. You only need to deploy this once, but it is possible in some rare circumstances for multiple contracts to be created.

If you find yourself in this situation and can't access your Roostr, you can manually withdraw your birds via the legacy LP portal. Click 'Withdraw all' and add your brood again.

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