Chikn and Roostr are adventurous birds, and keeping them cooped up in the Roost is no way to treat such glamorous poultry. Our avian friends long to range over the many tiles on your FarmLand, eating seeds and generally having a pretty great time.

We believe all chikn deserve a chance to be free-range, and Foraging enables just that. Announced in September 2022, Foraging introduces more advanced gameplay mechanics to Chikn and sets the scene for all game releases to come.

Foraging takes place on FarmLand and involves several different mechanics. It also introduced $WORM and WormFarm to the game, both of which will play an increasingly important role in Chikn after the full distribution of $FEED.

Foraging allows players to set their birds free to forage on their FarmLand. Over the course of some hours, the chikn and Roostr will explore all of the tiles available with a chance of returning with a valuable Resource. Any chikn can forage, while Roostr must be at least 24 KG to adventure into the wilderness.

Resources are the primary components in Crafting. To craft, players use Blueprints to create Items using certain Resources and tokens. These items can be used to boost the traits and stats of Chikn ecosystem NFTs in minigames.

While the birds roam the surface, a subterranean civilization grows below. Beneath your FarmLand is your WormFarmโ€”home to industrious $WORM that LP Farmers collect. Digging your WormFarm to new depths reveals Blueprints and other rewards, and filling WormFarm with $WORM allows players to retrieve these goodies. Adding $WORM to the WormFarm increases your Wormcount, a key metric that in turn reduces foraging time for chikn and Roostr.

When a player decides to create a new Item from a Blueprint or wishes to get some Resources back from an Item through Decomposing, some $WORM are sadly lost in the process. This is taken from the playerโ€™s Wormcount, encouraging them to maintain at least enough $WORM to meet their needs.

See $WORM and WormFarm for more information on those components.

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