Starter Guide

This guide assumes that you have some experience with blockchains and understand the basics around transacting, including token swaps and liquidity provision.

Chikn is built on Avalanche, so you’ll need an Avalanche-compatible wallet with AVAX tokens to pay for gas and NFTs. We recommend using MetaMask and making sure you’re connected to the C-Chain. Check out this handy guide for help setting it up.

Our community is our greatest asset, and we think you’ll have a great time hanging out with us on Discord. Make sure you join our server and introduce yourself—if you have any questions or doubts, the community is always happy to lend a hand.

This guide is only meant as an overview. Check out the dedicated sections in this documentation for detailed information on each aspect of the Chikn game and ecosystem.

1. Get a chikn NFT

There are many ways to get started with Chikn, but one of the best is to get an NFT bearing the project's name. When you roost your chikn, it’ll start laying $EGG that can be used to access the rest of the ecosystem.

Chikn NFTs are currently available on the marketplace and through OpenSea, although we recommend using the former. On the website, head to Market > Chikn to explore the chikn available. You can sort by rarity, Kg, price, and traits to find the chook with the look that you like the most.

As a cheeky bonus, your chikn might come with some $EGG already laid! Chikn uses a revolutionary non-custodial staking contract for chikn roosting, meaning that you can Roost and list your NFT for sale at the same time. If you purchase a roosted chikn, it’ll transfer with whatever $EGG it accumulated in its previous owner’s Roost.

It is entirely possible to play Chikn with only a chikn NFT. If you’re extremely patient, you can earn enough $EGG through staking to swap back to $AVAX and purchase every other NFT in the ecosystem, and in doing so unlock paths that will earn you all the other tokens needed for the game. Most players choose to buy other NFTs and tokens to speed this process up significantly.

2. Roost your chikn

With your chikn in your wallet, head to your Roost. This can be found by heading to and navigating to Chikn > Roost. Follow the prompts to roost your chikn and begin harvesting $EGG.

Having said all that, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to skip this step entirely. Most chikn (we’re talking around 99%) are already roosted, meaning that you won’t need to roost them again if you purchase one from the marketplace.

3. Get a FarmLand NFT

Give your avian friends a home—get FarmLand. Like chikn NFTs, FarmLand NFTs can be purchased by navigating to the marketplace on Navigate to Market > FarmLand and explore the different options available. Make sure you check the tiles already unlocked on the FarmLand you decide to purchase—some are rarer than others.

4. Get into Farming

Your chikn has been busy laying—now it’s time to do something with all that $EGG. Chikn farmers can earn tokens by staking $EGG either in SSS or in Trader Joe liquidity pairs.

SSS is the most straightforward option. Head to Chikn > Roost and look for the SSS panel on the right side of the screen and the prompts to stake your $EGG to begin earning rewards.

There are some downsides to SSS. In general, SSS distributes rewards at a slower rate compared to LP Farming. $EGG staked in SSS are also delicate. When you unstake your $EGG, your clumsy hands will naturally fumble the bag a bit, causing 8.3% of the unstaked $EGG to break. Breakage doesn’t occur with LP Farming.

Players looking to get more rewards quicker can instead get into LP Farming. This option is more advanced, and if you’ve never added liquidity before, we suggest doing some research on what it involves, including Impermanant Loss.

To add liquidity, head to the EGG/AVAX pair on Trader Joe and add some liquidity to get LP tokens. If you’re feeling impatient, you can always buy some $EGG from the exchange to increase the amount of liquidity you want to add.

5. Get a Roostr

Just like other Chikn NFTs, Roostr can be purchased from the marketplace on Head to Market > Roostr and get yourself a handsome coq.

6. Roost your Roostr and get some $FERT

On, navigate to Roostr > Roost to begin roosting your Roostr. Sorry we said ‘roost’ so many times.

Remember to feed your Roostr $EGG every day to ensure that it produces $FERT. You can then use this $FERT to upgrade your FarmLand and increase your LP Farm reward multipliers.

Like chikn, most Roostr are already Roosted. If you buy a Roostr that’s already in the Roost, you won’t need to complete this step. Neat!

7. Feed your chikn and Roostr

Watching your chikn lay $EGG will cause a chemical release in the brain, triggering a desire for more $EGG. To get more $EGG, feed your chikn with $FEED.

All $FEED is currently in circulation - you can pick some up on secondary markets like Trader Joe.

Your growing chikn is laying more and more, so put that extra $EGG to good use! Use the $EGG to feed your Roostr and get some $FERT or use it to expand your FarmLand. Rinse and repeat the cycle—that’s Chikn in a nutshell!

8. Stay active in the community

We’re always releasing new updates to the game, so make sure you’re following the Discord for all the latest from Chikn!

From here, you might want to check out Foraging and other minigames in the Chikn ecosystem. All you need to know is in these docs, but playing is the best way to get your head around everything.

Remember, this is guide is only a suggestion. Some players get by with only a Roostr, others with only a FarmLand, and others with no NFTs at all. You don’t need to own every NFT in the ecosystem, although it will help you stay ahead of the game. As you learn more about Chikn, you’ll discover new strategies that suit your playstyle and give you an edge over others.

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