Crafting has two separate paths for Equipable and Consumable Items, both of which require Resources and tokens to produce.

You can craft an Equipable Item when you have the corresponding Blueprint, the requisite resources, plus the required $EGG, $FERT, and $WORM tokens.

Consumable Items don’t require Blueprints and can all instead be crafted once you reach 5 tiles in your WormFarm.

Crafting occurs on a per FarmLand/WormFarm basis. The $WORM cost for crafting is taken from the WormFarm you’re crafting on, so be sure you’re putting the right worm to work.

When you craft an Item, there’s a cooldown on that WormFarm before you can craft again. You can skip this by sacrificing more $WORM or by crafting on a separate WormFarm. Again, the $WORM cost for the cooldown skip is taken from the WormFarm you crafted on.

Cost\ to\ Skip\ in\ $WORM = 2500

Crafting Items is done in the off-chain component of the Foraging game. When you craft an Item, it’ll first appear in your off-chain inventory. If you want to trade Items with other players, you’ll need to move them back on-chain—see the Items section for more information on minting.

Remember, Items that have hit their global supply cap can’t have any more crafted.

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