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"If you can’t feed a hundred chikn, then feed just one."
– Mother Bokresa
$FEED was the second token introduced to the Chikn ecosystem and is the only way to increase the $EGG laying potential of your Roost. As we all know from first-hand experience, Biggr chikn lay more $EGG. It’s science, we didn’t make it up. Trust us.
The initial Tri-Token Architecture in the Chikn ecosystem saw players single-sided staking $EGG to farm $FEED through their Roost. As the ecosystem grew, $FEED rewards became a central part of player incentives throughout the game.
Later, $FEED was farmed by staking various Chikn ecosystem LP tokens in an LP Farm. $FEED yields can be increased by using $FERT to fertilize a FarmLand, improving the player’s reward multiplier. Single-sided $EGG staking through the Roost for $FEED was slowly weakened, making LP staking the best way to accumulate this rare token.
Unlike $EGG, $FEED has a fixed supply that has been fully distributed. $FEED rewards ran out on December 09, 2022.
The only way to acquire $FEED is to purchase it from exchanges (or get given a gift from a very generous player). It is entirely possible for all $FEED to be eaten by hungry chikn, reducing the circulating supply to zero and fixing the total weight of the Roost (and therefore $EGG emissions) forever.
There are also 800 million $FEED tokens held in reserve for the Chikn DAO. If and how these tokens will be released will be a matter for the DAO to consider once it’s up and running.