Chikn 🔺

Avalanche's Premier Upgradable NFT & GameFi Ecosystem.

Bridging NFTs, GameFi & the Metaverse.

Idle & Active gaming with upgradable NFTs - on Avalanche.

Our 10,000 algorithmically generated, unique chikn are no ordinary NFTs. They are simply the beginning of a much larger ecosystem.
Exclusive to Avalanche🔺, chikn is a permanently expanding NFT and Gaming ecosystem. Built on the stability of our original Tri-Token architecture, chikn is designed to create a perpetual value-loop and liquidity growth. Not only for chikn, but also for all future NFT projects & play-to-earn games to launch on
We are not just here to sell some sweet jpegs - we're here to change the game - but yes, we are selling some pretty sweet jpegs.

It's a game that anyone can play - with a LOT more running under the hood.

How to chikn.

  • Buy a chikn, lay some $egg
  • Stake your $egg, farm some $feed.
  • $feed your chikn, make it Biggr.
  • Biggr chikn lay more $egg, repeat.
$EGG is the governance and utility token of the Chikn ecosystem. $EGG is the fuel for the upgradable NFT revolution on Avalanche.

The Chikn Ecosystem


chikn NFT
FarmLand NFT
Roostr NFT

Utility Tokens



Idle gaming: Roost, Feed, Farm, Breed. Active gaming: Mini Games, CoqFight

Eggnite - The Chikn Launchpad

Taking NFTs to the next level. Welcoming New AND Existing third-party NFTs to the upgradable JPEG revolution.

The Bokchain - Avalanche subnet

Home to the Chikn Metaverse, running on custom gas token: $EGG

The Chikn Vision 🐓👀

chikn has cemented its place as the 'blue-chip' NFT series on Avalanche🔺. We have quickly amassed one of the largest, most active - not to mention kindest - communities in our sector. There is so much more to come from our short-term product lineup. Coqfighting PVP, Roostr, breeding and LP Farm expansion are features that have us particularly excited - just to name a few. However, ultimately chikn intends to be the premier platform for upgradable NFT, & p2e game launches on Avalanche. We will be extending the utility of public minting, a marketplace, 'roosting' and 'farming', as well as all of our internal infrastructure to all emerging NFT creators on Avalanche, the most robust and memetic blockchain in the metaverse (& IRL).
It's simple, really. Everyone knows that chikn lay $egg.
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