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Chikn Marketplace

The Chikn Marketplace is a one-stop-shop for all things poultry and farming. It’s the ultimate place to trade and hustle your beloved Chikn NFTs with advanced features to handle the upgradable metadata that put our NFTs on the map.
All Chikn ecosystem NFTs are available in the Marketplace, including chikn, Roostr, FarmLand, Blueprint and Item NFTs.
Players can access the marketplace by navigating to the Market on Select the tab relating to the NFTs you would like to buy and begin exploring the coqs available.
Select the NFT tab and sort using a range of filters.
For chikn and Roostr NFTs, players can search by rarity and traits, and sort searches by:
  • Price
  • Last sold price
  • Rarity rank
  • Mint number
  • KG
  • Recently sold
  • Recently listed
Players can also toggle a display that shows the resources that the individual birds receive boosts for when Foraging.
For FarmLand, players can search by traits and Bigness and sort searches by:
  • Price
  • Mint number
  • Bigness
  • Fertility multiplier
  • Recently sold
  • Recently listed
  • Rarity score
  • Average tile score
For all NFTs, players can toggle whether to display all NFTs or only those for sale. Floor prices for the various rarities and Bigness are displayed at the top of the Marketplace page.
The Chikn Marketplace also natively displays CNS and RNS details. NFT names are displayed on the main Marketplace page, while clicking on NFT displays its full stats and any bio added.
To list an NFT for sale, navigate to your player Wallet and select the NFT you would like to list. Click ‘Sell’ and enter your asking price. Navigate to the same section to modify or cancel any existing listings.
The Chikn ecosystem recieves a 6% royalty from every Marketplace transaction. This is used to support ongoing maintenance and development.
Players looking to quickly and easily transfer NFTs between wallets (rather than offer them on the marketplace) can select ‘Transfer’ from their NFT’s main page.
OTC trades using the transfer function carry added risk. If you're buying or selling NFTs off-market using this feature, make sure you understand what you're getting into.
Chikn NFTs are also available on OpenSea. We love their work, but if you’d like to support the ecosystem, we encourage players to trade through the Chikn Marketplace.