๐ŸŽฎGaming Overview

Most anthropologists are in agreement that the emergence of digital civilization coincided with the development of gamified farming. While there is still debate about where gamified farming first began, some well-known historical eras include Runescapeโ€™s farming update (2005) and Facebookโ€™s FarmVille (2009). However, it wasnโ€™t until Chikn (2021) that gamified farming entered a proverbial agricultural revolution.

The Chikn gaming ecosystem is comprised of several idle and active games, each providing important functions to the ecosystem. While each Chikn game can be played seperately, their full utility is only unlocked when considered as a whole.

Chikn games are designed to provide utility for ecosystem NFTs and incentives for players to burn tokens. They are the methods by which players extract value from the ecosystem, and are a lot of fun to play.

There are currently three games within the ecosystem, all of which focus on idle gameplay.

  • Roosting Roost your chikn or Roostr to produce resources, and grow your birds in size to get more from them.

  • Farming Stake ecosystem or LP tokens to earn additional rewards to level your birds and expand your farm.

  • Foraging Put your birds to work and collect Resources, craft Items, and expand your WormFarm.

While development has so far focused on closing the idle gameplay loop, work has already commenced on active gameplay titles like ChiknQuest and CoqFight. For more information on these and other upcoming releases, see the Ecosystem Plans section.

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