Getting $FEED

The $FEED supply was fully distributed into circulation on December 09, 2022.

Initially, $FEED was earned through Single-Sided Staking (SSS) of $EGG tokens. SSS rewards have been progressively reduced in favor of LP Farm rewards and currently, no new $EGG can be staked in SSS for $FEED. Players are encouraged to unstake their remaining SSS $EGG and transition to the LP Farm to get their maximum reward potential.

SSS rewards generated $FEED at a fixed 2x rate for $EGG daily. That means that for every 1 $EGG in SSS, players generated 2 $FEED per day. This reward rate can be modified by the Chikn team depending on ecosystem needs.

LP Farms have a variable reward rate that depends on the fertility of the player’s FarmLand. A base 4x multiplier applies to all FarmLand, meaning that, at the lowest fertility, players generated 4 $FEED per $EGG every day.

Players can increase the number of tokens they earn from LP Farms by increasing their FarmLand’s fertility. See the sections on $FERT and the FarmLand NFT for more information.

The Chikn community has been preparing for the full distribution of $FEED rewards since the token’s launch. This was referred to Life After $FEED Farming (LAFF) and was anticipated to add an extra dynamic to the game’s meta as $FEED supplies dried up. It’s important to consider the end of $FEED’s supply in your chikn growing strategy.

Now that $FEED has been fully distributed, the only way to acquire more is to purchase it from exchanges. Note that the Chikn DAO controls 800 million $FEED—once the DAO is running, the community will decide what to do with these tokens.

Even after $FEED ran out, SSS and LP Farms will continue to distribute other tokens as rewards. See the section on $WORM for more information.

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