$WORM Burning

It still feels a little weird to talk about โ€˜burningโ€™ $WORM, but that doesnโ€™t change the fact the $WORM token, like all other tokens in the Chikn ecosystem, is designed with several supply sinks in mind. This ensures that the circulating supply remains in check even as emissions increase.

$WORM plays a major role in Foragingโ€”for more information, see the section on the Foraging.

When a player moves $WORM from their wallet to their WormFarm, the tokens are burned and added to an off-chain balance. This move is permanent and cannot be reversed. Note that each WormFarm exists on a per FarmLand basis.

Moving $WORM to a WormFarm increases the player's Wormcount. Higher Wormcounts correlate to a decrease in Foraging time, allowing them to accumulate more resources over time.

By digging and adding $WORM to the WormFarm, players discover Blueprints that can be used to craft items. Blueprints are revealed as the player digs deeper in their WormFarm, but can only be unlocked by increasing Wormcount to the Blueprint's depth, providing another incentive for players to move their $WORM off-chain.

Nothing in life is free, and sadly $WORM is the price we must pay for Items. Whenever a player crafts an Item, they sacrifice some $WORM. This is taken from their off-chain Wormcount. Players that are spending $WORM to craft must continue to resupply their Wormcount if they want to keep their foraging speed bonus.

In nature, worms are known for the role they play in composting, and in Chikn, $WORM are no different. Players with unwanted Items can choose to Decompose them, returning them to their constituent Resources. Decomposing costs $WORM which is taken from the playerโ€™s Wormcount.

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