There are some terms that you’ll come across regularly in the game. This glossary will give you an overview of the key terms you’ll encounter—to learn more, read through these docs to get your head around them all.

chikn – The first and greatest chook on the blockchain. Chikn are NFTs that lay $EGG. You can feed your chikn $FEED to increase their KG—the higher the KG, the more $EGG they lay. When we talk about the NFT collection, we usually write ‘chikn’ with a lowercase ‘c’. If we’re talking about the ecosystem as a whole, you’ll see us use a capital ‘C’ for ‘Chikn’ instead.

Roostr – Everyone knows that chikn lay $EGG, and Roostr squirt $FERT. $FERT can be used to fertilize your FarmLand, increasing its reward multipliers. Similar to chikn, the higher your Roostr’s KG, the more $FERT they produce. To increase Roostr KG, feed them $EGG. Remember, you need to feed hungry fellas at least 1 $EGG per day to keep them producing $FERT.

KG – The measure of size used for Roostr and chikn. The higher the KG, the more tokens produced. In metric terms, KG means ‘Kilograms’, but in Chikn, KG = KillerGainz.

GP – Roostr experience GrowingPainz (GP) when they increase their KG and grow biggr. It's effectively a cooldown that restricts how quickly you can level your Roostr. GP can be skipped by giving your Roostr $FEED.

Roost – The combined collection of all your staked chikn and Roostr. Your Roost gives you an overview of all the $EGG and $FERT you’re producing and lets you know where you sit in the overall KG leaderboard for size.

The Barn – The Barn represents the entire roosted ecosystem and is based on the combined totals of all Roosts.

FarmLand – Your home away from home in the Chiknverse. FarmLand is home to the Chikn LP Farms that allow you to farm tokens like $FEED and $WORM. Using $FERT on your FarmLand increases your reward multiplier, giving you more tokens for your proverbial buck.

Bigness – The measure of size used for FarmLand. Biggr FarmLand can hold more reward tokens from LP Farms before they need to be claimed. Every 5 increases to Bigness reveals a new tile on your FarmLand which adds to its rarity and play an important role in the Foraging minigame. You’ll also want to increase the Bigness of your FarmLand to increase the size of your WormFarm.

Foraging – Put your Roost to work and send them out Foraging on your FarmLand. When your poultry goes foraging, they return with Resources that can be used to craft items.

WormFarm – WormFarm is an important part of Foraging and Crafting, allowing you to discover more resources at a faster rate and unlock crafting blueprints. The WormFarm lives under the soil of your FarmLand, so a bigger land means more worm potential.

LP Farm – To earn tokens like $FEED and $WORM, you can stake Trader Joe LP tokens in one of the LP Farms on our website. Accepted LP pairs include EGG/AVAX, FEED/AVAX, and FERT/AVAX, although others may be added in the future. LP Farming is the fastest way to earn rewards.

SSS – Single-Sided Staking, or SSS for those looking to save time on keystrokes, is an alternative to LP Farming in the Chikn ecosystem. Rather than contributing liquidity in pairs, players can instead opt to stake a single asset for rewards. SSS is available through the Roost portal, but keep in mind that rewards will be lower, unstaking penalties may apply, and, depending on what’s cluckin’ in the Chiknverse, might not even be available.

$EGG – The main token in the Chikn ecosystem. $EGG is laid by roosted chikn and can be burned to upgrade FarmLand, feed Roostr, unlock naming services, secure mints through Eggnite, and access other features throughout the game and ecosystem.

$FEED – Released through LP Farming and used to increase the KG of chikn. All $FEED was released into circulation on December 09, 2022.

$FERT – Produced by Roostr and used to increase reward multipliers on FarmLand as well as foraging yields.

$WORM – The hardest working little token around. $WORM is harvested through LP Farms and can be deployed inside your WormFarm to reduce foraging times and unlock crafting blueprints.

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