๐Ÿ’ฐTokens Overview

The Chikn ecosystem is comprised of several fungible ERC-20 tokens that serve as in-game currencies and resources. The central tokenโ€”$EGGโ€”also has a range of utilities outside of the core game, including as a token used during gamified NFT mints on the Eggnite launchpad.

Chikn gameplay is designed to encourage token use as much as possible. In almost every case, used tokens are burned, permanently removing them from circulation. These mechanics are designed to keep token inflation in check with players incentivized to burn tokens to progress in the game.

We aren't advocates for buy-back style burns or any type of 'ponzinomics' that donโ€™t accurately reflect token usage. As such, our burn methods will always be built on interacting with the Chikn platform and the many products we offer.

Gameplay mechanics and tokenomics are intrinsically linked in Chikn, ensuring that gamers can benefit from playing while discouraging them from simply accumulating. As the saying goes: if you want to make an omelette, you gotta break a few $EGG.

With the exception of $AVAX, the primary token of the Avalanche blockchain, there are currently four tokens used in Chikn.

  • $EGG

  • $FEED

  • $FERT

  • $WORM

As the game and ecosystem expand, additional tokens may be added. As with the current tokens, each will be meticulously designed to ensure they strengthen the ecosystem and are fun to interact with.

We assign no value to the $EGG token or any other token in the Chikn ecosytem. They hold no economic value, and its only intended purpose is for interacting within the Chikn ecosystem.

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